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Beware of Lovedog. – Review – theater review | Advocate, The

Cheri Lovedog’s Prey for Rock & Roll, an off-off-Broadway musical about four women in a rock band, is such a novel ides, it instantly arouses curiosity. – 33k –


village voice > theater > Prey for Rock & Roll; The Long, Slow

And most musicals don’t rock like Prey for Rock & Roll (CBGB), the debut vehicle of Cheri Lovedog, the ex-L.A. punk rocker turned playwright.,sightlines,16528,11.html – 49k –


Curve: She Rocks

Cheri Lovedog’s semiautobiographical film, starring Gina Gerson, Lori Petty, Drea de Matteo and Shelly Cole, wowed them at Sundance by asking the question, …


CD Baby: LOVEDOG: Prey for Rock & Roll – Original Theatrical Recording

Lovedog Prey for Rock & Roll – Original Theatrical Recording © 2000 Cheri Lovedog (634479924224)


Hybrid Press Resources | Prey For Rock & Roll

Propelled by an adrenaline fueled soundtrack written by Cheri Lovedog and sung by Based on Cheri Lovedog’s autobiographical rock musical, PREY FOR ROCK – 42k


All Cast interviews


Metroactive Music | Cheri Lovedog

Cheri Bomb: Cheri Lovedog, who turned her years fronting an all-girl punk group into the basis for ‘Prey for Rock & Roll,’ is gettin’ the band back together ……


IFQ Magazine- Interview with Cheri Lovedog

IFQ sits down with Cheri Lovedog, the writer of Prey for Rock & Roll and the filmmaker of Hollywood Trash & Tinsel, in Las Vegas. Lovedog rocked LA’s music ……



Cheri Lovedog had been toiling away for years in Los Angeles in her tattoo parlor and with her band Lovedog, when she came up with the idea for the …


All Bow Down & Prey For Rock’n’Roll! on chats to Cheri Lovedog, the writer/creator of the soon-to-be-released film Prey For Rock’n’Roll from her tattoo parlour in Santa Cruz, California.


Metroactive Music | The Rock Show

Our Verdict: Hot : Cheri Lovedog rocked the Aptos Club on Saturday. Deconstructing Cheri In Cheri Lovedog ‘s movie Prey for Rock & Roll , Gina Gershon plays the aging, 35-year-old ……

MySpaceTV Videos: Lovedog gets a Tattoo by Cheri

Lovedog gets a Tattoo by Cheri Watch it on MySpace Videos. – 31k –

LA CityBeat – She’s with the Band

Rocker grit and movie-star glitz are an uneasy mix, but Cheri Lovedog and Cheri Lovedog is finally getting a chance to see how the other half lives. – 71k –

At the Movies: Prey for Rock and Roll

A project developed from an off-Broadway musical by Cheri Lovedog, who was leader of one of the many bands trolling the backstreets of Los Angeles in the – 22k –

Prey for Rock & Roll (2003) – Soundtracks

Courtesy of Cheri Lovedog; “Pretty Pretty” Written by Cheri Lovedog Performed by Gina Gershon, Sara Lee, Cheri Lovedog, Samantha Maloney, – 35k

Metroactive Movies | ‘Prey for Rock & Roll’

It might seem obvious to some, but local musician and now screenwriter Cheri Lovedog didn’t always realize her long career in rock music (most notably with – 12k –

News for Cheri Lovedog – SPIKE Powered By IFILM

Fri Feb 08 10:05:28 PST 2008 | items News: Cheri Lovedog Cheri Lovedog · Videos : 7. News. Total Views: 171875. Total Comments: 0 – 45k

Radio National The Deep End Film Reviews

Prey For Rock And Roll is a memoir by Cheri Lovedog of the girl band Lovedog. She began writing a memoir which became an off Broadway play of the same name

New York Film and Video Festival

Hosted by Cheri Lovedog, Annalisa San Juan and Renata Lorenc. 8pm to 2am. Premier party for award winning Indie film “Hollywood Trash and Tinsel”. – 17k –


Films for Women The British Film Institute is delighted to present

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
tattoo artist Cheri Lovedog, Gershon’s performance is 100 per cent genuine. as she uses her own vocals to portray the life and times of a mature woman –


The film, based on the real-life rock and roll experiences of L.A.-based screenwriter/songwriter Cheri Lovedog, is about a woman nearing the age of 40 as – 21k –

Review of “Prey for Rock ‘n Roll” |

Directed by Alex Stayermark, Prey for Rock & Roll is based on the real-life story of female rocker Cheri Lovedog (who co-wrote the screenplay). – 29k



YouTube – Drea in Rocked with Gina Gershon

One of the deleted scenes from Rocked with Gina Gershon

Watch video – 1 min 35 sec –



REVERBERATIONS; Gonna Fly Now: When Triumph in Rock Films Rings

”Prey for Rock and Roll” is the love child of a woman named Cheri Lovedog, who scuffled about for years in the lower depths of the Los Angeles club/punk – 50k


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